Credibility In A Marriage

Honesty in a romantic relationship provides a solid foundation for a fun or maybe a lasting marriage, whether having a friend, member of the family or other romantic fascination. The idea of honesty means that you are open, honest and genuine using your intentions and feelings. Trustworthiness is also a strong, sensitive audio intended for true ambiance that creates trust in a relationship. Without honesty in a relationship, the actual words ambiance become just a lie, by itself, and there is zero true reliability in the romance. It becomes unattainable to share the excitement as well as the depth of affection with complete trust.

Romantic romances take time and effort to build, and more effort and time to preserve. One way to maintain the solid feelings within a relationship through honesty shall be honest with all your partner. You can protect the particular feelings in your relationship simply by telling your spouse everything you happen to be feeling. Uncovering your greatest emotions to your partner allows them receive the messages in a positive light.

Another related reading about honesty within a relationship is definitely revealing to your spouse those things about yourself that might be keeping you from communicating your needs. You may have recently been suppressing various negative personality, habits, and characteristics which have been keeping you from expressing your self honestly with your partner. If you find that this is the case, then sharing these traits with your significant other will help you recover and gain back trust in the relationship. This can be a common individuals tendency to resist sharing parts of themselves that we feel are detrimental but it is very important to keep these matters to themselves to preserve a nutritious relationship.

Another related examining on credibility in a romance is that you do not have to lie to your partner if you do not want to. There is nothing at all wrong with indicating to your partner fact if they ask you a question immediately. However , lying down is not an option. Telling lies will only bring about an irritated breakup and a difficult time repairing your relationship. The greatest thing you can do if you discover out that your partner is lying is to calmly explain the truth.

An essential related browsing on credibility in a romantic relationship is about forgiveness. When you harmed someone, especially a loved one, it is advisable to learn how to forgive them. When we at all times want to take the responsibility for our very own faults, it will be possible to take responsibility for other people’s mistakes. It requires effort and endurance to reduce someone who has injured you deeply but it is important if you wish to build a healthy and long-term relationship. Your companion will forgive you in the event you truly provide them with the chance to do.

One last related studying on trustworthiness in a marriage is about becoming transparent with all your partner when you are lying. It can be natural to sometimes fib about your whereabouts, your errands, or other items to hide. Yet , if you are lying to cover up your true thoughts, this is not a good option. Tell your partner everything yet be sure to likewise tell them the truth about the lies you will be telling these people.

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The marriage Traditions of Asia

Asian marriages are far unlike those wedding ceremony practices that we see in the West. Inside the Far East, wedding ceremonies are conducted in a very traditional fashion, which has a unique set of traditions and morals. If you’re getting married immediately, you need to make certain you understand all the about the Asian marriage ceremony persuits as possible. You are able to tell a lot about your new life partner just by looking at their very own wedding apparel.

When people choose to get married to outside of their way of life, they are referred to as “exotic” in the United States. In Asia, it’s considered pretty normal and acceptable if two associates wish to marry. Many Asian nationalities believe that it’s a great disgrace when a Developed man déconfit an Cookware woman. Therefore , a typical Asian wedding ceremony will have almost no dress, not any elaborate accessories and very basic marriage ceremonies.

You might be thinking what you need to do if you decide to marry outside of the culture. You can get plenty of methods on the Internet to help you plan your Hard anodized cookware marriage. You can get in touch with the Cookware American matrimony section of your local library and find a good amount of books and resources that will help you with your Asian wedding day. The web is also full of websites that provide tips for wedding ceremony planning, including the right way to select an appropriate bride and groom, as well as what items you should wear for your wedding day.

You will find there exists many common elements that all good Cookware wedding customs have in common. To start with, you should places to meet girl keep in mind that a traditional Asian wedding ceremony needs that the males wear white. This is because the brides to be wear the pure white-colored dresses which can be very exceptional to their way of life. Most brides to be will also be dressed in black or perhaps burgundy his or her hair color, but there are some Asian brides who want to have reddish hair and makeup.

Brides may also traditionally dress in a headband, which is not taken into consideration a necessity in The japanese or China and tiawan. However , in Singapore and Hong Kong, the bride-to-be is required to wear a 3 inch curly hair band. Customarily, the soon-to-be husband will put a piece of egypt flower in the forehead; this kind of shows dignity to the brow that he can going to your time rest of his life in. Then the woman and groom will be escorted down the aisle by a wedding party or maybe a family good friend. Finally, they take photographs and enjoy a meal.

There are so many interesting factors about Hard anodized cookware wedding traditions. Even if you decide not to follow virtually any traditions by yourself wedding day, there are several Asian marriage traditions out there which it would be hard to miss these people. Just make sure that you choose a marriage planner that is truly an expert in Asian marriages, not just someone who claims to be. And remember, with any marriage ceremony, no matter what custom you pursue, you are joining together two people who will share various beautiful years together.




Kamis, 21 Maret 2019, STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan menggelar The 4th Santa Elisabeth International Conference (SEICo), dimulai dari tarian sambutan yang dimeriahkan oleh perwakilan setiap program studi yang ada di STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan,

diteruskan oleh pemukulan gong dan tagading yang diwakili oleh Bapak Herianto dari LLDIKTI1 Wil. Sumatera Utara, Pengurus Yayasan Widya Fraliska dan Ketua STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan.

The 4th Santa Elisabeth International Conference (SEICo) diikuti oleh Peserta Oral Presentation dan Conference dari beberapa intitusi dan instansi di Sumatera Utara, antara lain Poltekkes Kemenkes Medan, FIKES UKMC, RS. Harapan P. Siantar, STIKes Sumatera Utara, Universitas Prima Indonesia, Akper Wira Husada, STIKes Mitra Husada, dan beberapa Alumni STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan.

Diharapkan The 4th Santa Elisabeth International Conference (SEICo) dapat menambah pengetahuan kepada peserta dalam hal menangangi bencana yang terjadi disekitar kita.

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Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Tahun 2019/2020

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan kembali membuka Penerimaan Mahasiswa baru untuk Tahun Akademik 2019/2020 dimulai dari bulan Januari 2019.

Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru ini dibuka untuk keenam Program Studi yang ada di STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan yaitu:

  1. Program Studi D3 Keperawatan (Terakreditasi LAM-PTKes peringkat “B”)
  2. Program Studi D3 Kebidanan (Terakreditasi LAM-PTKes peringkat “B”)
  3. Program Studi Sarjana Keperawatan (Terakreditasi LAM-PTKes peringkat “B”)
  4. Program Studi Pendidikan Profesi (Terakreditasi LAM-PTKes peringkat “B”)
  5. Program Studi Sarjana Terapan Teknologi Laboratorium Medik (TLM)
  6. Program Studi Sarjana Terapan Manajemen Informasi Kesehatan (MIK)

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan memberikan beberapa Promo berupan Potongan uang Pembangunan bagi Mahasiswa yang mendapatkan Juara Kelas dari semester I sampai dengan VI dan juga bagi yang memiliki saudara kandung di STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan juga memiliki beberapa Beasiswa seperti Bidikmisi dan PPA dari Kemenristekdikti, Indonesia Cerdas Bank BRI, Eka Tjipta Foundation dan Cinta Kasih dari Yayasan Widya Fraliska.
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Syukuran Perayaan Natal dan Tahun Baru STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan

Medan, 06 Januari 2019

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan mengadakan pesta syukuran natal dan tahun baru yang bertempat di Aula STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan dengan thema “Yesus Kristus Hikmat Bagi Kita”. Acara ini dimulai dari Misa di Kapel STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan pada pukul 08:00 dan dilajutkan ramah-tamah dan hiburan di Aula STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan pada pukul 10:00. Berbagai macam pertunjukan disuguhkan oleh mahasiswa STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan seperti Modern Dancer, Traditional Dancer, Bernyanyi dan Drama.

Kemeriahan pun berlanjut ketika acara pembagian doorprize dimulai, dimana nama-nama yang dipanggil akan mendapatkan doorprize yang menarik

Suasana hangat antara keluarga besar STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan sangat terasa pada acara ini, semoga kedepannya STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan tetap dapat memberikan yang terbaik untuk semuanya.

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Penyerahan Beasiswa Indonesia Cerdas dari BRI

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan kembali mendapatkan kesempatan untuk menerima Beasiswa Indonesia Cerdas dari BRI Tahun 2018, kesempatan ini diberikan kepada 3 Mahasiswa yang telah dipilih berdasarkan prestasi yang telah ditorehkan mahasiswa tersebut, adapun ketiga mahasiswa tersebut yaitu Maria Utary Sea Putri (D3 Keperawatan tk. I), Angelin Selly Maduwu (D3 Bidan tk. II), dan Awisman Waruwu (Ners tk. III). Beasiswa tersebut diserahkan secara langsung oleh staff Bank BRI.

STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan mengucapkan selamat untuk ketiga mahasiswa tersebut, semoga kedepannya jumlah peraih beasiswa tersebut dapat bertambah lagi.
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Dalam rangka meningkatkan motivasi dan keinginan para lulusan STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan untuk bekerja di Jepang, STIKes Santa Elisabeth Medan bekerja sama dengan Majime Training Centre mengadakan Sosialisasi Job Carier dan Motivasi untuk Kerja di Jepang oleh Mr. Masami Sato selaku Direktur NGO Japan pada 19 Desember 2018.
Pertemuan tersebut diikuti oleh seluruh Mahasiswa tingkat III program studi D3 Keperawatan, D3 Kebidanan, serta mahasiswa program studi pendidikan profesi ners.
Diharapkan melalui pertemuan ini, mahasiswa dapat berkeinginan untuk berkarir di Jepang yang terkenal dengan kemajuan teknologi nya dan pendapatan yang lebih besar dibandingkan negara lain di Asia.

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